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VC bid a welcome to the new student representative council

VC bid a welcome to the new student representative council

By :Wandipa Gachala

On the 16th of June 2022, the Botswana International University of Science & Technology, Vice Chancellor, Professor Otlogetswe Totolo met briefly with the Student Representative Council for a meet and great. This session was aimed at welcoming the new-ly elected SRC cabinet.

In his remarks, the VC acknowledged the significance of the SRC both as a constitutional figure of the institution as well as their key role as BIUST’s primary brand am-bassadors.

The delighted VC said “Here at BIUST for you to be a leader you need a certain number of CGPA points, this is proof that you are brilliant young people. You are the image of the institution therefore carry yourself with outmost integrity that you can apply to yourself.”

He urged the cabinet to keep learning and enrolling in leadership courses that will enhance their skills and help them excel in their roles. Still acknowledging the importance of the SRC Totolo encouraged the SRC members to balance their academics and their leadership.

Totolo alluded that the SRC leadership is given the authority to lead, guided by the law of BIUST and the Student Representative Council constitution. She revealed that he started leadership at a young age during his tertiary days at the University of Lon-don where he was the only young black leader.

At the meeting the VC was joined by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Research, Development and Innovation, Prof. Abraham Atta Ogwu, Acting Deputy Vice-Chancellor Prof Elisha Shemang, Acting Director, Finance and Administration, Mr. Davies Tele, Acting Dean Student Affairs Mrs. Ogopotse, and Director Communications and Public Affairs.

To cultivate a good working relationship and total representation of the student community, Prof. Totolo implored Mrs. Ogopotse to ensure that the new crop of young leaders undergoes leadership training. He implored both the BIUST leadership and the SRC to work together in a symbiosis relationship, and embrace the values of integrity, respect, honesty, and transparency.

In accordance, the SRC President, Mr. Kaone Nkwe expressed his gratitude towards the engagement, but did not fall short of conveying his reservations towards the management of the institution’s mode of operation in resolving student matters.

Nkwe also highlighted that he had wished for this engagement to have taken place at an earlier stage immediately after resuming office. He said he was disheart-ened by the way the University emphasizes symbiosis relationship, yet at the same time not leaving up to the standard. In his conclusion, nonetheless, Nkwe expressed his desire to work in unity with the institution towards achieving the mutual goal.