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Office of research



To be a premier research-based university of Science, Engineering & Technology internationally recognized for the quality and excellence of its teaching and learning; research and innovation and engagement.



Produce world class research and innovation in Science, Engineering and Technology contributing to industry growth,
development and advancement of a diversified knowledge-based economy.

Produce tomorrow’s leaders in industry and society through the provision of relevant, innovative, quality research intensive education of an international standard.

Promote community, national, regional and international development through the transfer of the University’s
knowledge and the provision of its skills and expertise.


The key focus of the University’s endeavors will be its research mission ‘to undertake, promote and facilitate research and scholarly investigations. This will find form through the following:

The recognition of the University as an ‘engine of development’ and as a ‘Flagship’ science, engineering and technology university of international repute is ultimately dependent on our success in undertaking high quality research that is transformed into tangible applications and products of importance to society

BIUST is committed to quality research that transcends the entire spectrum of basic to applied science that results in sustainable technologies, products and services that add value to life. This is achieved through integrating research, innovation and technology transfer all the way through to commercialization. This kind of research is driven by interdisciplinary, trans-disciplinary and industry collaboration that is anchored on knowledge economy.
Our research is largely centred around engineering, biological and physical sciences but is responsive of and guided by social science that defines the context of scholarship and application thereof.The role that science, technology, engineering and mathematics(STEM) play in national economic development defines our broad research themes as:

  • Natural Resource Management
  • Climate and Society
  • Frontiers in Science
  • Innovative Technological
    Products & Service for Economic Development