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BIUST, established in 2006, was envisaged to be one of the key drivers in bringing about a fundamental transformation of Botswana as a catalyst for economic and social development. BIUST was established mainly to transform the country’s economy from a resource based to a knowledge-based economy.

strategic focus

Based on the foregoing analysis, the essence of the University’s strategy is that as Botswana’s only international science, engineering and technology University, it must drive the economic and social development of Botswana and have an international outlook; it must exceed the performance and results of its peers; must have strong leadership, a competitive academia, supported by integrated and aligned management capabilities; a sound financial base and entrepreneurship culture which recognizes staff as its main asset.


Produce world class research and innovation in science, engineering and technology contributing to industry growth and development and advancement of a diversified knowledge-based economy.


Premier research-based university of science, engineering & technology internationally recognised for the quality and excellence of its teaching and learning by 2023.

core Values

In carrying out its mission, realizing its vision and in all its actions the University is guidedby the following core values:

  1. Equality and Diversity – fair and equal treatment, respect for the rights, differences, and dignity of others, promoting an inclusive culture for all.
  2. Sincerity and Trust – genuine, truthful, honest, transparent, integrity, reliability.
  3. High performance and Quality– hard work, teamwork; strong work ethics; commitment, dedication, fast-paced, successful, accountability, quality and results-oriented, ambitious, recognition and reward, talented staff, and students.
  4.  Innovation – creative, open-minded, resourceful, entrepreneurial,
  5.  Quest for knowledge and understanding  freedom of thought, inquiry and expression and the encouragement of a questioning spirit.

BIUST a catalyst for economic diversification.

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