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Water and Solid Waste Treatment & Management

The Water and Solid Waste Treatment and Management Research Group was established in 2018 and is a multidisciplinary research group hosted by the Department of Chemical, Materials and Metallurgical Engineering and the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. It was established to address the challenges that Botswana and the region faces in terms of access to clean water and deriving value out of “waste”. Its aim is to achieve sustainable development by delivering a quality environment, economic prosperity and social equity through provision of clean water and maximise resource utilization. The group is also mandated to foster collaborations with local and regional industries to provide needed solutions and enhance sustainable development.


Its mission is to provide cutting edge research by developing circular and sustainable engineering solutions to challenges of water, solid waste treatment and management in industry and the society in order to meet the sustainable development goals set by the United Nations.

Its vision is to transform solid waste and water treatment and management plants into resource recovery plants in order to move from a linear to a circular economy.


  • Water quality monitoring and pollution control
  • Sustainable water purification, desalination and disinfection processes
  • Reductive Precipitation
  • Advanced oxidation Processes
  • Adsorption and development of novel adsorbents
  • Development of geopolymers and alkaline activated materials
  • Circular economy
  • Waste to energy


  • Prof Freeman Ntuli
  • Gofetamang Ditalelo
  • Dr Vepika Kandjou
  • Gabatsoswe Lebitsa
  • Dr Moatlhodi Wise Letshwenyo
  • Mr Tumeletso Lekgoba