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PUAP Projects

PUAP Programes for Outreach and Engagement 2022 – 2023

This brief gives some of the Pre-University Academic Programes (PUAP) and their a brief  description.


This is held annually since 2015 around the months of June, August or October when combined with the National Science week.
What is a STEM festival?
This is an event that showcases science and technology, engineering, and Mathematics(STEM) intended to create excitement and flair through observation of natural phenomena that define life. Schools and the public engage in hands-on activities, view demonstrations leading to awareness and appreciation of science. This is premised on the axiom that STEM is everywhere- every day, within reach of every person, every time.
Whether in a rural place or a city, people are involved and are using in some STEM concepts.

BIUST champions the STEM concept, which is informed by the characterisation and inclination of BIUST towards societal focus and utility of STEM in the general life of humanity. Through organising and hosting the STEM festival, BIUST aims to contribute towards creating public awareness of science and appreciation of science and technology and making science and technology work for human development.BIUST aspires “To be the engine of development in Science, Engineering and Technology through engagement with the economic, social, educational and industrial transformation of the community and nation,”, the overarching aim of STEM festival is
to link the teaching and learning of STEM at all levels (pre-tertiary and tertiary) to socio-economic development, promoting innovative and creative culture.

The specific objectives of the festival are.
1. Provide a platform to celebrate, share the excitement and showcase STEM innovations from the ecosystem – learners, communities, industry, government, and universities.
2. Raise awareness, appreciation and understanding of STEM to Botswana’s national economic transformation and sustainable development.
3. Buttress the relevance and criticality of STEM in solving the country’s current and emerging challenges through innovative products and services.
4. Address gender disparities in STEM disciplines and careers by exposing girls to mentors and suggesting targeted interventions.
5. Promote Indigenous Knowledge and highlight opportunities for its potential enhancement through STEM.

The objectives are achieved with the participation of any researcher, student or member of the public who has a STEM dream, product or service to show or celebrate.


Girls excelling in Mathematics and Science (GEMS): Mentorship program, currently running in six (6) senior secondary schools in Botswana.BIUST-GEMS initiative is a mentorship and motivational program for passionate, female Form 4 students who have chosen to do pure (triple) sciences and would like to have a
career in STEM. It is aimed at contributing to the improvement of participation,performance and retention of girls and women in STEM professions and careers. STEM professions and careers form a very critical part of any country’s economic development.
It is in view of this that attraction and retention of women in STEM is critical.The BIUST-GEMS program is run by female representatives from BIUST and upon invitation include collaborators from other institutions, parastatals and industry as required.



E-Learning for High Schools (using blackboard system): This program targets learners from Senior (High) Secondary Schools Mathematics, Physics, Biology and Chemistry and it is a virtual platform giving learners a chance to interact with the experts here at the University. The Lessons are mostly of a practical nature and simulations.
Lack of the right apparatus in schools for teachers to perform concept demystifying experiments with learners is a challenge which leads to underperformance in the subjects Mathematics, Science and Technology. As a result, students mostly learn about the theory and are left to imagine how reactions and processes take place in real life situations.

The students do not get to see and experience the application of the theory that they learnt in class. Thus, because of this and in an effort to contribute to the solution of this problem, the university through its experts have endeavored to assist in augmenting the teacher’s efforts through this program. The objective of this program is to augment the teachers work with practical approach to teaching and learning.