Call for Research Proposals for funding of BIUST Priority Projects (BPP)

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The key focus of the University’s endeavours is its research mission to undertake, promote and facilitate research and scholarly investigations. This will find form through the following:

a) High Quality Research: The recognition of the University as an engine of development and as a Flagship science, engineering and technology university of international repute is ultimately dependent on our success in undertaking high quality research.

b) Transdiciplinarity Research: BIUST is committed to quality research that transcend the entire spectrum of basic to applied science that results in sustainable technologies, products and services that add value to life. This is achieved through integrating research, innovation and technology transfer all the way through to commercialization. This kind of research is driven by interdisciplinary, trans-disciplinary and industry collaboration that is anchored on knowledge economy. Our research is largely centred around engineering, biological and physical sciences but is responsive of and guided by social science that defines the context of scholarship and application thereof. The role that science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) play in national economic development defines our broad research themes as:

Natural Resource Management

Climate & Society

Frontiers in Science

Innovative Technological Products


Service for Economic Development


  • To instill and develop research culture that is responsive and innovative
  • To develop high quality research that can be transformed into technology and products, and provide research services and facilities that can support the needs of industry and society.
  • To establish research groups/focal areas, clusters, platforms, and networks in priority areas as defined by the University Research and Innovation Strategy.
  • To create an enabling institutional environment to foster and enhance the output of high quality research and innovation.
  • To deepen the integration of student research (undergraduate and post-graduate) into the academic curriculum and increase post graduate research output
  • We strive to continue playing a leading role both at national and regional levels in conducting quality research that is relevant to the needs of the community in a responsible, ethical and sustainable way through optimal use of resources.

Focus Area

BIUST identified four thematic areas which prioritize the collective delivery of the university strategy



Our Online Research Systems enables Researchers to pursue their research ambitions



We develop a strong and focussed research culture that enables the university to excel in research


Technology Transfer

The University is engaged in research with community partners and with external organizations



The University is engaged in research with community partners and with external organizations


Annual Research Reports

The University is engaged in research with community partners and with external organizations