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Memorandum Of Understanding

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1HB AntwerpThe Parties collaborate on;
Scientific Research, Research and development of projects, project management and Human Resources.
2021   -   2026
2Lamworld Technologies (PTY) LTDThe Parties collaborate on;
-Sharing of resources, human and physical
-Calibration, testing and verification services
-Manufacturing of products to support industry ready locally and exportation.
2021 - 2026
3The Special Economic Zones Authority (SEZA)The Parties collaborate on;
-project identification and development
- Exchange of information on identified projects
-sharing of resources, both human and physical, on a case by case basis.
2021 - 2026
4Botswana Vaccine Institute LimitedThe Parties collaborate on;
-The development of diagnostic tests and affordable vaccines.
- The exchanges of students and staff;
-Joint research activities, including seminars, conferences and public lectures.
-Exchange of publications, academic materials and other information.
-Joint quality assurance and benchmarking.
-Innovation and technology development.
-Technology transfer and commercialization
-Sourcing of project/ research funding
2021 - 2026
5Missouri University of Science & TechnologyThe Parties collaborate on;
-Academic collaboration in Teaching & Research
-Exchanges of students and staff to enhance scholarly efforts of both Institutions
-Exchange of Academic materials
-Joint organizations of seminars and academic meetings
-Collaboration on development and offering online mining engineering and related courses
-Joint organization of special academic and non-academic programs
2021 - 2026
6Khoemacau Copper MiningThe Parties collaborate on;
-Geological & mineralogical studies
-Geochemical studies
-Geophysical modeling
-Mineral processing
2021 - 2026
7Universitatea Babes- BolyaiThe Parties collaborate on;
-Staff and student exchange through the Erasmus program
-Collaboration on Research projects
-Other educational & academic exchanges which both parties agree on
-The exchange of academic materials & publications
- Collaboration and exchange of resources and staff in the area of library and auxiliary services.
2021 - 2026
8Debswana Diamond Company Proprietary LimitedThe Parties collaborate on;
-Human Resource sharing
-Biodiversity in research activities
-Energy and carbon management
-Occupational hygiene
-Entrepreneurship and enterprise development
-Innovation and digital transformation
2021 - 2026
9Yanshan UniversityThe Parties collaborate on;
-Student exchange including undergraduate exchange, job education of Master, doctoral students, degree program.
-staff exchange including studying abroad and visiting teachers, research and administrative staff.
-Educational cooperation including curriculum development, teaching materials exchange, teaching methodology exchange
-Research cooperation including joint research projects, building laboratory and other research projects
-School running cooperation including recognition of degrees, cooperation in running specialties or institutions.
-Hosting of academic conferences
-Exchange of academic journals and publications.
2021 - 2026
10The University of WitwatersrandThe Parties collaborate on;
-The exchange of students and academic staff
-Joint Research activities including seminars, conferences, and public lecturers.
-The exchange of publications, academic materials, and other information
-Assistance in Capacity building
-Reciprocal participation in doctoral and research programmes by staff members of respective institutions.
- Joint quality assurance benchmarking
-Innovation and technology development
- Sourcing of project and research funding
-Human Resource Training and Development
2021 - 2026
11Citizen Entrepreneurial Development Agency (CEDA)-Bringing product innovations to market, including prototype appraisal, product testing and commercialization.

-Innovation financing

- Financial support to manufacturing industry

- Facilitation of IP inclusion in business planning

-Peer Mentoring

- Provision of business and technical advisory for CEDA clients on terms to be agreed by both parties as deemed necessary and appropriate

- Provision of bespoke training and capacity building for CEDA for staff in but not limited to the special sectors of manufacturing;mining, technology and innovation on terms that will be agreed by parties from time to time.
2021 - 2026
12Botswana Defense ForceThe Parties collaborate on;
Sharing and exchanging technical information on training research and development supporting technological needs of Botswana in amongst others;
-Robotics and mechatronics
-Software development
-Aircraft engineering
-Exchange visits
-Cooperation research

Implementation of cooperative projects, and mutually beneficial activities which may include exchange of highly qualified personnel , exchange visits and other activities agreed upon both parties.

Enter into specific agreements to conduct cooperative research and development activities.
2021 - 2026
13Botswana Oil-Exchanges of students and staff;
-Joint research activities, including seminars, conferences and public lectures;
-Exchange of publications, academic materials and other information;
-Joint quality assurance and benchmarking;
-Innovation and technology development;
-Technology transfer and commercialization;
-Joint project identification and development;
-Sourcing of project/research/services funding and
2021 - 2026
14Human Resource Development CouncilThe Parties collaborate on;
-Sharing of statistical data and information on all variables and indicators required by both parties without compromising national security.
-Sharing data collection and processing expertise , analysis tools and information dissemination.
- Sharing of Resources of which parties are collaborating on
-Provision of professional and technical support in system development, research, data management and information reporting and dissemination.
- Provision of professional and technical support in capacity building initiatives, undertaking or attending relevant conferences, seminars and workshops related to this MoU.
2021 - 2026
15Water Utilities CorporationThe Parties collaborate on;
-Research Training and provision of services on water related and other natural resources management and clean and sustainable energy
-Internship opportunities
-Visitations from both parties
- Exchange of samples, data, technical publications, industry journals and reference materials
2021 - 2026
16Stencil Technologies & ACPM IT Tanacsado Kft.The Parties collaborate on;
-Jointly provide information and assistance to the academic and the private sector in Botswana on risk reduction of computer security incidents.
Jointly provide security services
2021 - 2026
17Dintek Glassblowers (PTY) LTDThe Parties collaborate on;
- Student Entrepreneurial activity development
- Bridging the learning gap between theory and practical experience for learners to enhance their skills and knowledge
- Promotion of talent identification, innovative and creative learning experience that is aligned to future academic and entrepreneurship global needs
- Internship Opportunities
2021 - 2026
18Griffith University, AustraliaThe Parties collaborate on;
-Collaborative research relation to several aspects of DNA sequencing and genomic analysis
- Exchange of Research personnel as well as providing training in the use of using scientific instrumentation at Griffith.
- Exchange of academic publishing material to promote grant writing.
- Shared applications of grant funding to promote cooperative research as well as mobility for academics.
2020 - 2025
19Douma’s Crocodile FarmThe Parties collaborate on;
-Production of Boi-diesel from chicken intestines
- Production of syngas for subsequent power generation
-Solar power improvement of existing solar water panels
-Enhancement of existing thermostatic controllers
-Making methanol from pyrolysis of wood.
- Sewage water use and preservation for growing aquatic plants for commercial use
2020 - 2025
20Jomo KenyattaThe Parties collaborate on;
-Staff and student exchange programs.
-Staff development
- Co-authorship of publications and exchange of information
-Development of collaborative research
-Development of joint educational programs
2020 - 2025
21Mansaga (PTY) LTDThe Parties collaborate on;
-Waste quantification and characterization
-Training and Mentoring evaluation
-Design of a Bio-Digestor
2020 - 2025
22Botswana Telecommunications corporation Limited (BTC)The Parties collaborate on;
- Attachment opportunities
-Collaborative Research and learning
-Short course opportunities
-Industry reference engagements
- Curriculum design and development
2020 - 2025
23iThemba LaboratoryThe Parties collaborate on;
- Exchange of expertise between both institutions
-Provision of training opportunities
-Assist with the access of international facilities such as CERN and JINR
2020 - 2025
24The Joint Institute For Nuclear Research, Russian Federation ( JINR)The Parties collaborate on;
Collaborate in projects in the following areas;Joint projects on Applied Nuclear Science, Nano- Science, RadioChemistry, Radio Biology, Big Data, Geophysics
-Exploring beneficial Research
-Investigating outside funding sources for projects.
2020 - 2025
25All Nations University College, GhanaThe Parties collaborate on;
-Establishing an amateur satellite station in BIUST
-Training & skills Development in satellite operations
-Development and launch of CubeSat
-Engagement in Education research and curriculum development
2019 - 2024
26University of OULU, FinlandThe Parties collaborate on;
-Internship Exchanges
-Joint Research Activities
-Double degree programs
-Exchange of students and credit
-Exchange of faculty members
2019 - 2024
27Classmate Online (PTY) LTDThe Parties collaborate on;
-Encouraging academic cooperation in Science and Mathematics programs to selected Senior Schools.
-Provision of a Digital Education project
- Providing digital content
2019 - 2024
28Botswana Institute for Technology Research & Innovation (BITRI)The Parties collaborate on;
-Areas in Materials Science & Engineering,
Environmental Science & Engineering, Waste processing, Water resources, purification,Clean energy Technologies e.t.c
-Encouraging activities such as staff and student exchanges for research
-Investigate outside funding sources
2019 - 2024
29The Department of Radiation Protection InspectorateThe Parties collaborate on;
-Training and Development
-Capacity building
-Skills transfer
-Resource sharing
2019 - 2024
30Central University of Technology (CUT)The Parties collaborate on;
-Staff and student exchange
-Exchange publication
-Joint teaching projects
-joint cultural programs
- joint conferences
2019 - 2024
31University of Wisconcin – Madison,USAThe Parties collaborate on;
-Sharing resources, human and physical
-Mutual beneficial in Research, applied research,
- faculty exchanges for research, lecturers
2019 - 2024
32Akita University, JapanThe Parties collaborate on;
-Student Exchanges, staff exchanges
-joint research
-exchange academic information & materials
-To promote other academic cooperation
2019 - 2024
33Universita Delgi Studi di Ferrara, ItalyThe Parties collaborate on;
-Joint staff / student exchange
-Joint quality assurance, benchmarking
-Technology transfer and commercialization
-Human Resource Training and development
2019 - 2024
34National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand, Ministry of Science & Technology, Thailand (NARIT)The Parties collaborate on;
-Academic cooperation in areas of astronomy, astrophysics research and research
-Joint research projects
-Exchange in academic and administrative staff
2018 - 2023
35The University of Lausanne, SwitzerlandThe Parties collaborate on;
-Promoting, developing, coordinating research
-Research activities in areas of Bio geosciences, Soil Sciences,
-Research exchanges e.t.c
2018 - 2023
36Botswana Geoscience Institute (BGI)The Parties collaborate on;
-Training and manpower development
-Sharing of Resources, human and physical
Commercialization of resulting technologies and promotion of technology transfer
2018 - 2023
37Morupule Coal MineThe Parties collaborate on;
-Mining processes
-Meteorological processes
-Coal beneficiation technologies
-Sharing resources, human and physical.
- Groundwater model and predictive simulations
-Water and slurry/slimes testing
2018 - 2023
38Local Enterprise Authority (LEA)The Parties collaborate on;
-Identifying and delivering appropriate entrepreneurship and skills training for potential entrepreneurs at BIUST.
-Sharing of participants equipment, workshops and machinery
-Facilitating the transfer of business technology skills to SMME’s
-Facilitating placement and attachments of students in small, medium and micro SMME’s
2017 - 2022
39Pyro Carbon EnergyThe Parties collaborate on;
Facilitate the undertaking of research and development on pyrolysis carbonaceous materials and their conversion to valuable products.
-Collaborate in areas of pyrolysis, gasification,
2017 - 2022
40Cape Peninsula University of TechnologyThe Parties collaborate on;
-Staff and student exchanges
-Exchange in publications, academic materials,
- Assistance in capacity building
-Joint quality assurance and benchmarking
-Technology transfer and commercialization
-Human resource training and development
-Joint project identification and development.
2017 - 2022
41Botswana Innovation HubThe Parties collaborate on;
-Collaboration in mining technologies
-Innovation and technology entrepreneurship development
-collaboration in ICT
-Collaboration In Research Commercialization
2017 - 2022
42MAGO Infrastructure PTY LTDThe Parties collaborate on;
-Designing and planning of beamlines
-Packing and shipment of radioactive materials
-Labelling of appropriate chemicals materials
2017 - 2022
1.The Special Economic Zones Authority (SEZA)
2.Lamworld Technologies (PTY) LTD
3.Botswana Vaccine Institute Limited
4.Khoemacau Copper Mining
5.Debswana Diamond Company Proprietary Limited
6.Citizen Entrepreneurial Development Agency (CEDA)      
7.Botswana Defense Force
8.Botswana Oil   
9.Human Resource Development Council
10.Water Utilities Corporation
11.Dintek Glassblowers (PTY) LTD
12.Douma’s Crocodile Farm
13.Mansaga (PTY) LTD
14.Botswana Telecommunications corporation Limited (BTC)
15.Classmate Online (PTY) LTD
16.Botswana Institute for Technology Research & Innovation (BITRI)
17.The Department of Radiation Protection Inspectorate
18.Botswana Geoscience Institute (BGI)
19.Morupule Coal Mine
20.Local Enterprise Authority (LEA)
21.Pyro Carbon Energy
22.Botswana Innovation Hub
23.Stencil Technologies & ACPM IT Tanacsado Kft.
1.HB Antwerp
2.Missouri University of Science & Technology
3.Universitatea Babes- Bolyai
4.Yanshan University
5.The University of Witwatersrand
6.Griffith University, Australia
7.Jomo Kenyatta
  8.United Nations Population Fund
9.iThemba Laboratory
10.The Joint Institute For Nuclear Research, Russian Federation ( JINR)
11.All Nations University College, Ghana
12.University of OULU, Finland
13.Central University of Technology (CUT)
14.University of WisconCin – Madison,USA
15.Akita University, Japan
16.Universita Delgi Studi di Ferrara, Italy
17.National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand, Ministry of Science & Technology, Thailand (NARIT)
18.The University of Lausanne, Switzerland
19.Cape Peninsula University of Technology
20.MAGO Infrastructure PTY LTD

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