To create an environment where there is a beneficial, effective and indispensable interaction and relation between the BIUST community and Palapye community.


To initiate unity where stakeholders can work together to inspire and impact change to the people of Palapye. 


  • Promote unity by working with fellow SRC members
  • Get students engaged in outreach programs
  • Create internal activities to promote interaction between students
  • Create a lot of activities aimed at touching the lives of our community
  • Collaborate with organizations in Palapye


The purpose of this event is to mainly involve students to participate in Health and Wellness activities, such as testing, blood donation, exercising and learning. Organisations which facilitate these services to the public will be invited to this event to set up stalls and offer services to the student body. For participation, students will have to go through a minimum of 70% of the stalls and get the approval in their attendance card, which will earn them a ticket to a Saturday Colour Run event and chill out session organised by the SRC. Alternatively, we can give T-shirts and lunch to those who acquired the 70% attendance.
Since Palapye is a developing town, it is now turning into a drug market and this affect mostly the youth. To address this, MHS and MCO collaborated to make an event in which we will engage all the schools in Palapye to discourage the use of these illegal substances. This walk will be accompanied by an address by the relevant organisations (BOSSASNet).
For this event, we will collaborate with clubs and societies in the institution to raise awareness on the commencement of these days. These will be through the different media platforms and also their areas of speciality. These will encourage the involvement of the clubs and societies in the events.
• World Tobacco Day • World AIDS Day • Sexual Responsibility Week • Month Of Youth Against AIDS
Student Representative Council