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BEng- Electrical & Electronics Engineering

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BEng- Electrical & Electronics Engineering

BEng- Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Award: BEng

Duration: 5 years


 This is a 5 year programme which is concerned with the study and application of electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism. During the first year, the students are introduced to mathematics, physics, writing skills, and computing. In the subsequent years, the students learn basic electrical and electronic concepts. Towards the end of the programme, fine points of various areas of Electrical and Electronics Engineering are investigated. This programme deals with power generation and distribution on a large-scale. It is a discipline that uses scientific knowledge of the behaviour and effects of electrons to create components, devices, systems or equipment that use electricity as part of their source of power.

Why is this Course for Me?

Electrical and Electronics Engineering offers solutions to some of the most critical problems facing the world today such as energy shortages and control, environmental impact, constant need for information security and informatics.

What Will I Study?

You will study varying levels of courses in Mathematics, Energy Systems, Embedded Systems, Power Systems, Sustainable Energy, Computer Programming, Digital Design and Signals and Electromechanical Systems with increasing complexity as you advance in the programme.

The Modules You Will Study Include:

  • Analogue and Digital Electronics
  • Automation and Robotics
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Electric Power Systems
  • Electric Machines and Control
  • Electrical Circuits & Devices
  • Power Transmission and Distribution
  • Electronic Circuit Design and Analysis
  • Electromagnetics
  • Electromechanical Energy Conversion
  • Digital Systems Design
  • Micro-Controllers & Embedded Systems
  • Micro-electronic systems
  • Sound state electronics



Career and Graduate Study Opportunities


The Electrical and Electronics programme grooms students to have the flexibility to be whatever they choose to be in later life. Electrical and Electronics Engineers are involved in a wide variety of technology ranging from huge global positioning systems which can pinpoint the location of a moving vehicle to gigantic electrical power generators. These Engineers are responsible for designing, developing, testing as well supervising the production of electrical and electronic equipment and machinery. Broadcast and telecommunication systems, electric motors, controls of machinery, lights and wiring in building complexes, vehicles, aircrafts, radar and navigation systems, power generation, control and transmission devices which are used by electric utilities are all examples of equipment built by these engineers.


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