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Special Collections and Archives

The Presidential Collection @ BIUST is a foundation of a primer repository of textual materials; drawings; paintings, photographs, artifacts, and many other visual materials that illuminate the legacy and era of all the Botswana presidents. This special collection serves as incubation of the Botswana Presidential library idea. This collection acts as a one stop shop for information of Botswana Statesmen. The incubation room is housed in the main BIUST library in the upper floor. It is open to all members of the public and the BIUST community.

The scope of the collection is information sources on all the Botswana presidents from the first one to the last. It is a reference collection for in-house use only. The collection is open to the public. The use of camera nor ink is prohibited in the incubation room. This information is packaged in different formats being videos, books, photographs, posters. This includes but not limited to; state of the nation addresses, inauguration addresses by the Botswana Presidents, books about the presidents, official photographs. To learn more about this collection physically visit us at BIUST main library in the upper floor or contact Ms Olga Tladi Telephone no: 4931393.