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Research Study Services


BIUST library strives to deliver resources and activities to develop and enhance students’ research and continued learning skills.

Not familiar with the library’s information sources? Do you require assistance in your search for information? Our professional staff can help you to find the information that you require for your research and show you how to use the collections, services and resources (both print and online) of BIUST Library.


The Lifecycle outlines the different stages and activities that a researcher will go through when conducting University-level research. BIUST library has developed the toolkit below to assist with accessing key library resources and services in each of the stages with the focus on increasing the quality and impact of research outputs.


Developing a research project generally begins with an idea. This idea should be timely, innovative and relevant to the field of research. 


Having an idea for a new research topic should be closely followed by cross-examining the literature to ensure your idea is original. Library assistance at this critical stage is recommended to ensure all relevant databases/resources are identified; appropriate search strategies are used; options for obtaining and evaluating resources are explored and; methods for staying current are discussed. BIUST library offers the following services and resources to assist with this stage:


When formulating a research question, it is important to generate an actual question rather than selecting a single topic or theme. Generating a research question is never easy and will require constant refinement until a workable question presents itself. The following resources may assist with this process:


The literature search is one of the most important parts of conducting a research project. A literature search involves planning, identifying, organising and presenting as much relevant literature on a topic as possible. BIUST Library offers the following services and resources to assist with this stage:

  • Literature Searching guide
  • Borrowing Resources 
  • Referencing, Citation and Bibliographic Management

Disseminating research findings is a key aspect of the research process. Dissemination assists with passing on the benefits of research, increasing exposure to the work, sharing of data and building a researcher’s profile. BIUST Library assists in the process of disseminating research through the following services and resources:

Once research has been completed, other avenues for research, collaboration opportunities or questions become evident. This is the opportunity to look at findings and explore new research questions. The BiustCat can help to explore some of the research already available.