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        • Undergraduates


  1. Valid Passport [valid at least for the duration of the programme of study]
  2. Certified copy of valid passport [page showing passport number, date of birth and expiry date]
  3. Certified copies of birth certificate or identity card
  4. Completed Immigration Application Form 15 [forms are available at the immigration offices, Botswana Embassies or can be downloaded at]
  5. Proof of payment of tuition fee [deposit receipt for tuition fees]
  6. Study Permit fee of BWP 1500.00 (payable to Immigration Office)
  7. Proof of sufficient financial means to cover tuition fees, subsistence and incidental costs while in Botswana [in the form of a bursary, sponsorship letter, or bank statement and/or support letter]
    • If a student is sponsored by Parents or a
      Guardian, he or she must provide their
      Payslip and confirmation of employment
      from their employer.
    • If the Parents or Guardian is staying in Botswana, their copies of residence permits must also be submitted.
  8. Medical Report [forms are available at the immigration offices]
  9. Copy of the BIUST Admission letter or letter confirming enrolment stating the duration of the programme offered [start and end date of the programme]
  10. Copy of the BIUST Student registration form
  11. Two (2) identical and recent passport size photos [background should be white]
  12. Students personal application letter [should indicate the duration – start and end dates of the programme] The letter should be addressed to Regional Immigration Office, P O Box 692, Serowe
  13. Certified copies of previous certificates attained
  14. Cover letter from the BIUST International Office