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Inter Library Loans

Interlibrary loans

The Library Service provide the BIUST community with access to library collections around the world and provide libraries around the world with access to the BIUST collections. The Library offers interlibrary services to help the community have access to materials not held in the BIUST collections. To do so, please fill in the ILL request form to submit requests electronically, or visit the Inter Library Services department for assistance.

Course Reserves

Course reserves are learning materials made available by course instructors. They may include electronic articles, books and DVDs and even websites. 

  • Many course reserves are electronic while some materials are only available at the library. 
  • Non-electronic items are made available for a shortened loan period to ensure access for all students. 

Past Exam Papers



This collection contains only those exam papers that BIUST departments have given permission to be deposited in the Digital Repository. Therefore, not all BIUST exam papers are held in the Digital Repository. In addition, examination solutions are not included.