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Why BIUST ? (International Students)

BIUST offers qualifications which are designed to help you launch your career, where upon graduating, you will have the requisite skills to be globally competitive and contribute to Botswana’s economy through employment or entrepreneurship.


BIUST prides itself as the first specialised tertiary institution and a research-intensive University in Botswana, aimed at being a catalyst for innovation and our country’s economic transformation drive. Its graduates are equipped with world-class education enriched with research-based solutions which will impact communities locally, regionally and in the international arena.


Choosing the right university is an important decision and an investment in your future. The University has invested in various platforms such as the annual STEM festival, Open days and Secondary school visits to interact with prospective applicants as well as provide first-hand information on the programmes on offer, research opportunities and career prospects. Prospective students can also use various communication platforms to reach out to the Enrolment and Admission team and academic members of staff for consultations.


The University has adopted a strong academic support model where students are paired with their Academic Advisors right from the registration period to guide them through their studies in readiness for graduation. Students are also supported by a tutor who provides them with practical guidance and extra lessons on a range of academic issues to help them excel in their studies. As a BIUST Student, you will also have a peer mentor – a trained student volunteer from your course, to help you with assignments and other course materials and percolate to boost excellence in your respective modules. 


The University has carefully selected qualified local and international experts who are tasked with delivering quality education to our students and in the process sharing their global experiences.

The University aims to engage and inspire its students to challenge their thinking and support them to fulfill their potential during their stay at BIUST, through a combination of interactive lectures, seminars, fieldwork, research, practical sessions, industrial attachments, and stakeholder engagement.

BIUST has invested heavily in providing state-of-the-art facilities such as laboratories and equipment needed to stimulate learning and facilitate innovative teaching.


The University is in the process of upgrading its learning programmes from bachelor’s to include Honours Degree qualifications making our graduates more attractive to the global community. Our students are encouraged to make use of available opportunities to develop their leadership skills, establish sound networks and cement their position as captains of the industry. Our graduates hold senior positions at reputable companies while others go on to establish successful business ventures.


Through the Center for Business Management, Entrepreneurship and General Education, the University has introduced a range of business management modules that are meant to provide students with training on conceptualization of business ideas, development of business proposals, advice on business management, mentoring and guidance towards access to funding as well as exposure to networking events which sets our students on the right path to be successful entrepreneurs.


The University has carefully selected a list of local and international stakeholders who contribute to curriculum enrichment and relevance to the diverse industry needs. The University has partnered with worldclass universities, industries such as those from the Mining, Water and Energy sector, research centers, government departments and parastatals to ensure that it produces industryready graduates.

The University has a limited number  spaces for  students on campus

International students are required to have private medical insurance

International Student Office is responsible for pick up

 International Services Office hosts its clientele for orientation