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Council Committees

Council Committees

BIUST, established in 2006, was envisaged to be one of the key drivers in bringing about a fundamental transformation of Botswana as a catalyst for economic and social development. BIUST was established mainly to transform the country’s economy from a resource based to a knowledge-based economy.


The Council Audit and Risk Committee (CARC) is a standing committee of the Council. The CARC comprises two (2) Council members, who are not employees of the University, two (2) external members independent of Management and the University and  who  are  not  members  in  the University Council and ex-officio members as prescribed in the University Statutes. The members jointly   possess   the   financial   expertise   and qualifications necessary to discharge the functions of the committee in line with best practice rules and standards.  The purpose of the Committee is   to   provide   oversight   on   the   corporate governance framework incorporating risk management and internal control in order to assist and provide assurance to the University Council on the: 

  •   Integrity of financial reporting systems and      financial statements 
  •   Effectiveness of risk management through      functional implementation in monitoring risk,  compliance   to   applicable   policy   and      guidelines adopted.

Chairperson: Mr. Thulisizwe Johnson  

Members: Professor Otlogetswe   Totolo, Professor Elisha Shemang, Mr. Davies Tele, Professor Abraham Ogwu, Mr. Kealeboga Mogaetsho, Mr. Siva Prasad, Mrs. Kefetole M. Mokobi (ex-officio).

Risk Management Statement

The University recognises that a risk management process  is  intrinsic  to  the  achievement  of  its operational goals and strategic objectives. Risks are identified, recorded, prioritized and managed through a systematic approach for CARC oversight. To ensure effective risk management, the Directorate of Audit acts as the third-line of defence providing an independent and objective assurance on the University’s corporate governance, internal control, compliance and risk management systems. 


The Committee is responsible for advising Council on the financial position of the University, including its accounts, investments and general financial viability. The Committee also ensures, on behalf of Council, that there is compliance to applicable regulatory standards of reporting.

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During the year under review, the Committee provided policy guidance and oversight on all issues relating to tenders, tender adjudication and awards to procure goods and services. 

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The Committee is responsible for providing policy guidance and oversight to the University on issues relating to employment and conditions of service. 

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The Committee provides policy guidance and oversight   on   all   issues   relating   to   physical infrastructure   development.   The   council infrastructure Committee notes all Capital Projects Reports going to the Council Tender Committee.

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The Committee provides advice to the Council on the Strategic  and  Operational  Plans  for  the University and ensures their alignment in relation to academic, financial, physical and human resources.


The Committee is responsible for appointments and/or promotions with respect to the positions of (a) Professors and Associate Professors; (b) Deans of Faculties; (c) Directors of the University.


The University Staff Appointments and Promotions Committee is responsible for appointments and promotions for both academic (below Associate Professor) support staff (below the rank of Director).

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