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BSc- Information Systems and Data Management

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BSc- Information Systems and Data Management

BSc- Information Systems and Data Management

Information Systems and Data Management

Award: BSc

Duration: 4 Years


Information Systems encompasses a multi-scientific discipline which addresses a broad range of strategic, managerial, and operational activities utilised in the gathering, processing, storing, and distributing of information and ICT in society and organisations. The utilisation of information systems attests to be very evident nowadays because no organisation can work without having access to these systems ‒ be it a governmental agency, a hospital or an enterprise. There are various types of information systems: transaction processing systems, decision support systems, expert systems, knowledge management systems, learning management systems, geographic information systems, etc.

Why Is This Programme for Me?

If you are not an exactly computer geek, but a peoples person, who enjoys interacting with others and want to improve your social skills; if you want to start your own business and become a technopreneur or to join a IT prospering company which puts emphasis on communicating with their customers, stimulated with personal freedom to explore and experiment and build confidence and shape opinions – then the IS Programme is for you. The programme will gear you not only to acquire industry standard programming skills but will also be a savvy in improving organisational processes and to exploit opportunities created by new technological innovations. It will enable you to understand and address information requirements, to designing and manage enterprise architecture, to identify and evaluate solution and sourcing alternatives, to secure data and infrastructure, and to manage IS projects.


What Will I Study?

You will comprehend the essential principles which support knowledge management systems, networks and the software development process. Our modules are distributed between two main areas: (1) IS-specific knowledge and skills and (2) organisational/managerial knowledge and skills. You will also be given an opportunity to explore different application domains of IS by taking elective modules from different departments within BIUST.

The modules you will study include        

Foundations of Computation



Information Management

Operating Systems

Web Design and Development

Business Process Modeling

Software Engineering

IT Infrastructure

Data Communications and Networks

ICT and Society

Human Computer Interaction

Professional Issues and Ethics

Major Project (to be done in the fourth year in two semesters)

Career and Graduate Study Opportunities

Information Systems is playing an ever-growing role in all aspects of today’s life, you’re highly likely to find your IS skills in high demand in many different industries although, obviously, most graduates go into roles within the industry. As Information Systems professional you can work in a broad range of domains which include; business, health care, government, and non-profit organizations. Graduates from our programme can choose any of the following specialised professional paths: Business Analyst, Database Administrator, IS Manager, Network Engineer, Systems Analyst, Systems Developer, ERP Specialist, Project Manager, IS/IT Auditor, SEO Specialist or Information Architect. We also offer Master’s and PhD programmes to those who would like to pursue an academic career.


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