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BSc- Computer Science and Software Engineering

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BSc- Computer Science and Software Engineering

BSc- Computer Science and Software Engineering

Computer Science and Software Engineering

Award: BSc

Duration: 4 Years


Computer Science is the study of computational systems involving designing, building, evaluating performance of computer hardware and software. It also involves thinking both in abstract and concrete terms. It spans theory and practice through programming languages and the development of computing solutions to our everyday life’s problems. The necessities of the programme include designing and analysing relevant algorithms and/or application software.

Computer Science essentially covers the systematic study of the structure, processing, storage, communication and access of information however it is represented in the memory of a computer system. It has a wide range of specialities too including computer architecture, high performance computing, software systems, graphics, artificial intelligence and machine learning, computational science, software engineering, computer systems and networks, security and forensic computing, database systems, human computer interaction, vision and graphics, formal methods and automata theory, bioinformatics, and simulation of complex societal and systems situations. The programme also has strong connections to other science and engineering disciplines.

Why Is This Programme for Me?

Choose a computer science degree, and you will be at the forefront of the next greatest technological innovations. To study Computer Science means being in the lead in positively changing the world and the way we live. It opens doors to many opportunities since its transformations manifest to every other discipline. Its manifestations indirectly affect areas such as medicine, business, law, physical and life sciences therefore this means Computer Sciences related careers are available in different discipline altogether. The computation power of computers has been increasing exponentially over the years thereby allowing us to address problems that seemed intractable only a few years ago. This power is anticipated to keep increasing allowing computer scientists to solve even bigger problems. Therefore, the relevance of computer science is ever increasing in our lives and this will remain so in the coming years.  Further the program readies you to further your studies to Masters’ or PhD.

Computer Science equips the graduate with knowledge of the following areas where they can specialize: Applied Mathematics, Digital Image/ Sound, Artificial Intelligence, Microprogramming, Bioinformatics, Networks and Administration, Cryptography, Ontology, Robotics and Drones Protocol Development, Computer Graphics, Simulation and Modelling, Parallel Programming and High-Performance Computing, and Mobile Development.

What Will I Study?

Computer Science is a discipline that has grown to be the backbone of a functional society proving pivotal to medicine, biology, entertainment, business, banking, sociology to archaeology.

The Modules You Will Study Include                   

  • Computer Architecture
  • Data Communications and Networks
  • Databases
  • Foundations of Computation
  • Human Computer Interaction
  • Operating Systems
  • Procedural and Object-Oriented Programming
  • Professional Issues and Ethics
  • Software Engineering

Career and Graduates Studies Opportunities

Our graduates’ knowledge and skills represent principles which will outlast today’s technology, making them highly wanted after by industry and commerce alike. Career opportunities exist in a range of technology industries or visually every industry that relies on technology to develop products or provide technological services. Popular computer science careers include: Software Engineers, Programmers, System Administrators, Network Engineers and many more. The CS graduates can also continue at the PG level, as the department has MSc and PhD programmes in Computer Science.


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