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BIUST hosts German delegation under the Southern Africa- Germany Chamber of Commerce

BIUST hosts German delegation under the Southern Africa- Germany Chamber of Commerce

BIUST had the pleasure of hosting a German delegation, who spent the day with Vice Chancellor Professor Otlogetswe Totolo and the BIUST leadership. The discussions focused on the services offered by their various companies and explored potential partnerships with our university.

In his welcoming remarks, Professor Totolo highlighted that hosting numerous German delegations over the years symbolizes the growing international interest in BIUST. This year’s visit focused on vocational education and training, crucial for driving practical collaboration in business, research, development, and innovation.

Professor Totolo shared that BIUST is driven by three key pillars: academic excellence, university-industry partnerships, and social relevance. He expressed enthusiasm about potential business collaborations, inviting the delegation to consider setting up production facilities at BIUST, given the available land and resources.

The German delegation presented their companies’ objectives and services, sparking engaging conversations, particularly with our engineering team. Amit Padishalwar of G.U.N.T Gerätebau captivated the audience with his insights into their engineering technologies.

In his closing remarks, Deputy Vice Chancellor of Research Development and Innovation, Professor Abraham Atta Ogwu, expressed gratitude to the German delegation for their visit. He envisioned beneficial partnerships and emphasized the importance of working together for mutual benefit. The delegation was then invited to tour the university facilities, further solidifying the groundwork for future collaborations.