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Invitation to the iBranch recruiters, BIUST youth hub career week 03-May 2022

Invitation to the iBranch recruiters, BIUST youth hub career week 03-May 2022

The division of Student Affairs and Campus life would like to invite you to the BIUST Youth Hub Career week hosted by Career Development and Counselling Services in collaboration with iBranch Recruiters, sponsored by ABSA. This will be the first BIUST Youth Hub Career Week which will run from 03 – 07, May, 2022

iBranch Recruiters is one of the Division’s external collaborative partners, based at the Botswana Innovation Hub, Gaborone. iBranch Recruiters specializes in training and empowering students to be ready for the world of work, through skill development aimed at enhancing their employability and readiness for the job market

You are therefore invited to attend this first of its kind event, which is an opportunity to learn and engage with the specialists in the world for new learning about opportunities out there