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Visiting Botswana

There are several Ports of Entry into Botswana depending on where you are coming from and your mode of transport. The most commonly used Ports of Entry, if you are entering Botswana by road, are Ramokgwebana (Botswana/Zimbabwe), Tlokweng and Ramatlabama (Botswana/South Africa), Mamuno (Botswana/Namibia) and Kazungula (Botswana/Zambia). You can go to www.gov.bw to view the operating times and additional Ports of Entry.

The Sir Seretse Khama International Airport is situated in Gaborone for those who may be coming by Air. There is also an airport in Francistown and sometimes there are flights that fly directly to the City from neighbouring countries.

International Student Office is responsible for pick up from airport and bus stations provided prospective students communicates his/her itinerary with International Student Office two weeks before departure. This arrangement is for all new international students. 

Travel to BIUST, Palapye

If you travel into Botswana through the Southern side Tlokweng, Ramatlabama, Namibia Boarders or Sir Seretse Khama International Airport you will have to drive up north via A1 road until you reach Palapye. If you traveling by bus you should catch buses at the Gaborone Bus Station Travelling to Palapye, Serowe, Francistown, Selibe Phikwe (the buses to the other places mentioned here all pass through Palapye). There is also a passenger train that travels only overnight and passes by Palapye at 0230 hours and 0030 hours from Gaborone and Francistown respectively.

If you entered the Country from the North, i.e. Ramokgwebana and Kazungula Entry Points you will have to travel via A1 road towards the South. Palapye is situated 271.1 km and 168.7 km via A1 from Gaborone and Francistown respectively.


  • The International Services Office looks forward to meeting both undergraduate and postgraduate students at the International Student Orientation. At this Orientation there will be a variety of information provided regarding BIUST. Some of the things covered at orientation include: immigration regulations,

  • The orientation helps you to transit to life in your new home. During orientation you will also have the opportunity to meet other international students and classmates.