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Special Needs Services

The University also provides services to students with disability to ensure that the nature and scope of their education is of the rest of the students.  In line with this responsibility, the University structure has a unit that is mandated to offer support to students with disability or health condition that may impact negatively on their ability to study or perform their academic activities and their daily duties. The unit ensures that students with disability have equal access to learning and assessment opportunities taking into consideration their needs. 

The unit ensures that the students with disability have:

  • Specialized accommodation tailor made for different conditions.
  • Classroom or lecture theatre are accessible and can accommodate the individual disability or needs
  • During examinations the student with disability is catered for to enable him/her to take the necessary examinations.
  • The office acts as an advocate for students with disability in all aspects that influences their stay in the University and ensures that students are not discriminated against based on their disability.

However, students are not required to disclose their disability unless the disability or chronic health condition is likely to affect the student’s capacity to meet the inherent requirements of the program. All information received in the office is kept confidential.