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        • Undergraduates

Signal Processing, Networks and Systems

The Signal Processing, Networks, and Systems (SPNS) research group was initiated in 2018 under the Department of Electrical, Computer and Telecommunications Engineering. The research group aims to focus on the development of fundamental theories, algorithms and systems for wireless communication networks.


  • Design and Implementation of an Attitude Determination System for 1U CubeSat.
  • Design of a Phased Array Antenna for 5G Wireless Applications
  • Integration of mMTC and LEO satellite constellations for Massive Connectivity and Ubiquitous Coverage.
  • Design and Implementation of a Digital Front-End for 1U CubeSat Software Defined Radio.
  • Design and Implementation of an Attitude Control System for a 1U CubeSat
  • Design and Implementation of a Multi-band Antenna Array for CubeSat Application.
  • Design and Implementation of a Reconfigurable Metasurface Antenna.
  • Design and Implementation of Passive Bistatic Radar for Low Altitude Targets


  • Loughborough University
  • University of Oulu
  • Aalto University


  • Dr Bokamoso Basutli (Group Leader)
  • Prof Joseph Chuma
  • Leatile Marata (on research leave)
  • Tshepiso Jacob (Master’s Candidate – Thesis under correction)
  • Bokamoso Kebatho Ledimo (Master’s Candidate – Thesis submitted)
  • Reuben Ramogomana (Master’s Candidate – Thesis submitted)
  • Teddy Tumisang Ramodimo (Master’s Candidate – ongoing)
  • Pako Moaro (Master’s Candidate – ongoing)
  • Gaone Dipao (Master’s Candidate – ongoing)
  • Kebonyethebe Ramahatlha (Master’s Candidate – ongoing)
  • Unalido Ntabeni (Doctoral Candidate – ongoing)
  • Opelo Tshekiso (Master’s Candidate – ongoing)
  • Kesaobaka Mmopelwa (Master’s Candidate – ongoing)
  • Baipaki Hikwama (Doctoral Candidate – ongoing


  • Antenna theory and design
  • Wireless transmission techniques
  • Nanosatellite Technologies
  • Machine Type Communication
  • Ultra-Reliable Low-Latency Communication (URLLC)
  • Ultra-Dense Heterogenous Networks


  • NOMA, Auction and Blockchain Applications in Wireless Networks with Loughborough University.
  • African Constellation Satellite Network (AFCONSAT) – Constellation for African Small Satellites


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