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School Policies


Human Research Ethics Policy 949.75 KB 238 downloads

The purpose of the Human Research Ethics Policy is to ensure that all University...

Guidelines for Postdoctoral Fellows Policy 520.81 KB 231 downloads

The purpose of these guidelines is to set out the values and principles underpinning...

Undertaking Private And Consultancy Work Policy 335.10 KB 261 downloads

This Policy regulates the undertaking of consultancy and private work by all University...

Research Assistantship 176.57 KB 309 downloads

The purpose of this policy is to provide postgraduate students opportunities to work...

Guidelines for BIUST Research Initiation Grant Policy 338.84 KB 189 downloads

The purpose of the present Grants Guidelines is to support initiation and development...

Research Publication Policy 176.57 KB 226 downloads

The purpose of this research publications policy is aimed to orient University staff...

Guidelines for Award of Honorary Degrees Policy 340.72 KB 265 downloads

In conferring honorary degrees, the University seeks to recognize extraordinary achievements...

Code of Conduct For Research and Innovation Policy 314.69 KB 376 downloads

This Policy provides guiding principles and a standard so that the conduct and management...