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Code Of Conduct For Research And Innovation Policy

This Policy provides guiding principles and a standard so that the conduct and management of research and innovation can effectively be carried out and applied to all the subject areas. Conducting research involves risks that must be mitigated and responsibilities that must be taken in by the researchers in a standard way. easily.

Research Publications Policy

The purpose of this research publications policy is aimed to orient University staff and students to publish in reputable journals, with a suitable citation index or impact factor, in reputable databases and to foster patenting activity in the university.

Research Assistantship Policy

The purpose of this policy is to provide postgraduate students opportunities to work closely with faculty members in research necessary for professional development. The Research Assistant is expected to assist is research-related tasks in the Department under the supervision of a specific staff member in addition to the work he/she performs on their own thesis project.

Guidelines for Postdoctoral Fellows Policy

The purpose of these guidelines is to set out the values and principles underpinning the Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme at the Botswana International University of Science and Technology (BIUST) and to set up a framework for appointing and hosting of Postdoctoral Research Fellows.

Guidelines for Award of Honorary Degrees Policy

In conferring honorary degrees, the University seeks to recognize extraordinary achievements and to honour individuals whose accomplishments are exemplary and inspires graduates of the University and the Society. The degree is bestowed as an honour rather than through the completion of any academic programmes and requirements.

Guidelines for BIUST Research Initiation Grant Policy

The purpose of the present Grants Guidelines is to support initiation and development of research projects at BIUST by encouraging new staff and upcoming researchers. A new staff must apply for the grant within the first 3 years of joining BIUST.

Undertaking Private And Consultancy Work Policy

This Policy regulates the undertaking of consultancy and private work by all University staff whether at the levels of individuals, groups, department, centre, faculty and/or other units within BIUST to ensure that such undertaking does not adversely affect the vision and mission of the University. The Policy defines the conditions under which consultancy work can be done for external entities...

Human Research Ethics Policy

The purpose of the Human Research Ethics Policy is to ensure that all University research and relevant teaching activities involving human participants conform to ethical standards. Such standards are distinct from legal requirements, though ideally the law should reflect what is ethically...