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Health & Wellness


The Health and Wellness Office deals with the overall well being of the students. It approaches an individual holistically, that is the physical, emotional, spiritual, social, environmental, occupational, and intellectual aspect of an individual. Thus Health and Wellness mandate is to make students feel healthy, happy and engaged while in pursue of their studies.The Health and Wellness office offers youth friendly programs and are open to all BIUST students (undergraduate and postgraduate).

The programs are student centered, student led as thus students take part in program design and program implementation in order to reach out to their peers.Students are encouraged to join groups like Student Health Ambassadors or form clubs in line with health promotion or health modification lifestyles. These clubs are meant to support students in efforts to maintain and improve their health, their academic success and to fulfill their personal dreams. Joining clubs also gives students the opportunity to mentor their peers and take part in shaping the whole health and wellness programs. Training is availed to leaders of these clubs, and workshops are provided as well as mentoring to assist with campus health programs and coordinate activities.


The Health and Wellness office supports students wherever they are at in the development of life-long healthy behaviors. The office coordinates activities that include Health education and promotion, distribution of Information and Education Communication materials, HIV testing and counseling; and promotion of safe sex.

The Main focus on  education is mostly on the following: Sexual Health (Sexually Transmitted Infections, HIV& AIDS, Family Planning, Alcohol and substance use, Nutrition and physical activity and Gender based violence etc.

Services offered

  • Per Education 
  • Outdoor Adventures 
  • Halls of Residence Programs
  • Outdoor Health Promotion Activities 
  • Health & Wellness Resource Materials located at the Campus Health Center