The Faculty of Sciences is a research and teaching engine room focused on shaping the future through exploring and pushing the boundaries of knowledge in the classroom, laboratory, and the field. Through quality teaching, learning, and research experiences, we competitively position our students, staff, and faculty for success.

Our Key Goals

  • Delivering world-class research-based education to students and broad-based training to leaders in academia, industry and society in general.
  • Conducting problem-driven and curiosity-driven research that generates new knowledge and produces discoveries that lead to products and services, as well as lay foundation for future scientific endeavours.
  • Driving and leading in innovation and discoveries to promote industry in Botswana and beyond, with deeply and broadly educated minds and transformative ideas that will improve our communities, society and our world.


Our mission is to seek solutions to societal challenges and educate future leaders who, by exploring and exploiting the power of science, will make the world a better place. Our emphasis is on educating scientists who possess deep scientific excellence, creativity, cultural awareness and entrepreneurial skills gained from exposure to arts/social sciences, business, and other disciplines availed to create a unique learning experience within the faculty and BIUST at large.

Join us at Faculty of Sciences as we push the boundaries of Science to ensure a better society for humanity.

Faculty of Sciences