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Ethics and integrity

Botswana International University of Science and Technology (BIUST) defines itself through its vision to be a premier research-based university and promotes research and innovation. BIUST is committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity in pursuing research and innovation.  There is a Research Ethics Committee that clears research that involves human and animal. To ensure that the standards are upheld, the University has developed Code of Conduct for Research and Innovation Policy.

Responsibilities Of Researchers


To Maintain And Uphold High Standards For Their Research Which Include:

  • Respect For The Rights Of Those Affected By The Research And Innovation.
  • Respect For Those Participating In The Research And Innovation.
  • Ensuring That The Research And Innovation Is Conducted And Carried Out In A Safe And Ethical Environment.
  • Ensuring Good Management And Retention Of Research Data, And That Proper Records Of Such Information And Data Are Securely Kept.
  • Ensuring That Research Data And Primary Materials Are Securely Kept To Protect And Safe-Guard Against The Loss Of Such Data Or Other Materials Used In The Research.

Research Ethics


The Whole Activity Of Research At BIUST Is Governed By The Norms Of The Research Ethics. The BIUST Research Norms Promote The Accountability, Mutual Respect, And Fairness; Promote A Variety Of Other Important Moral And Social Values, Such As Social Responsibility, Human Rights, Animal Welfare, Compliance With The Law, And Public Health And Safety.

Research Ethics Govern The Standards Of Conduct For Scientific Researchers. It Is Important To Adhere To Ethical Principles In Order To Protect The Dignity, Rights And Welfare Of Research Participants. As Such, All Research Involving Human Beings Should Be Reviewed By An Ethics Committee To Ensure That The Appropriate Ethical Standards Are Being Upheld.