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Cyber Security

The Cyber Security Research Group (CSRG) dedicates its research to global challenges in cybersecurity, digital forensics and networking; carrying out cybersecurity research and development and focusing on solutions that contributes to solving real world cybersecurity challenges as well as providing framework for policies such as legal, ethical, social, technical, digital forensics, network, and network security dimensions.

Current research projects

Forensic Cloud Environment (FCE) :
The development of a cloud- based forensic environment to tackle big data challenges in digital forensics.

Deceptive Honeypot  : Advancing the development of new generation state-of-the-art honeypot.

Cyber bullying:  Use of different techniques to detect cyber bullying

Software-Defined Network (SDN)

The main aim of the group is to be at the forefront of cybersecurity research and be a leading research group in the university in the following:

  • Industry Collaborations: solve issues from the industry within our research group
  • International Collaborations: with companies and other universities
  • Publications: working together as a group and have publications in reputable journals
  • Conferences and Workshops: opportunities for networking, being up to date with current issues, identify research opportunities in those conferences and workshops
  • Awareness workshops: within the university and outside to raise awareness in the university
  • CERT (Cyber Emergency Response Team): To be a team that can be called upon to address cyber
    related issues at any moment
  • Involvement of the development of the academic programs and courses in the University
  • Training services: provide training in cybersecurity and generate funds for the group
  • Consultation: provide consultation services to industry
  • Staff training: cyber security is a very broad area and we aim to develop capacity in a wide range of
    the domain.
  • Emergency Response team: to act as (Cyber Emergency Response Team (CERT) to address cyber emergencies
  • Mentor UG students who are interested in cyber security through cybersecurity club

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