To create an environment where there is a beneficial, effective and indispensable interaction and relation between the BIUST community and Palapye community.


To initiate unity where stakeholders can work together to inspire and impact change to the people of Palapye. 


  • Listed are plans that I should have met before the end of next semester.
  • Provision of mops, brooms and dustbins in all halls of residence.
  • Introduction of a checklist detailing equipment/materials provided in the individual rooms.
  • Advocate for sanitary cleaning of individual rooms every month by cleaning services so as to reduce the spread of disease as well as cockroaches in the hostels.
  • Immediate connection of Wi-Fi at the new halls of residence (porta cabins).
  • Attend to all pending issues from the former minister’s tenure such as the improvement of our Wi-Fi bandwidth from 16Mbps to 1Gbps.
  • Ensure on-time crediting of students stipends through collaboration with relevant authorities.
  • Push the university campus housing department to release the first draft of the accommodation list as soon as second semester examinations start.
  • Host inter-residences games on 15th July 2017 in conjunction with Hon. Minister of Sports and Recreation and the LLC.
  • Listed are plans that I should have met before the end of my tenure.
  • Provision of a storage facility for heavy belongings (fridges, books) for semester 1 vacation.
  • Complete replacement of worn out mattresses
  • Amend the current contract for Moghul catering company to extend its service hours till to allow students to be able to eat at later hours.
  • Alter the monotony of the catering bidding system to make it more open to any and all capable companies.
  • Work with other relevant portfolios as well as the LLC insuring that on-campus students have a conducive stay through recreational activities. With that, propose to host crazy night games on December.