To create an environment where there is a beneficial, effective and indispensable interaction and relation between the BIUST community and Palapye community.


To initiate unity where stakeholders can work together to inspire and impact change to the people of Palapye. 


  • Increase participation in sport, maintain wellness and pursue an active lifestyle as a natural accompaniment to academic studies, leading ultimately to rewarding, healthy and fulfilling lives;
  • To ensure that BIUST students are provided with what they need to excel in their sports and societal passion.
  • To engage in a wide variety of sport programmes that celebrate diversity, promote inclusivity, and create opportunities to excel.
  • To instil confidence and lasting pride in self and the university, through participation and recognising achievement;
  • Actively promote students and community development through the other dimensions of sport such as coaching, officiating and mentoring and to have clubs and societies actively involved in activities in the community by synergising and utilising other ministries.


  1. BIUST SOCCER LEAGUE knockout draw -19th MAY 2017. The draw for fixtures for the completion of the previous BSL season with a knockout tournament.
  1. BIUST SOCCER LEAGUE knockout tournament -20th-21st May 2017. 6 games will be played in these two days, including the semi-final and final.
  1. ENGAGE STUDENTS IN CHOOSING THE MASCOT FOR SCHOOL. Propose a mascot for the school sport codes and have the students to vote.
  1. 5-ASIDE + DANCING SHOWCASE. A 5-aside tournament geared to enhance recreation in the school, and to welcome students to the new semester, also to promote and attract students to join the dance club.
  1. SPORT CLUBS and CLUBS AWARENESS WEEK. A week to educate and try to get students to participate and register to clubs and societies in the school furthermore to register new proposed sports clubs.
  1. ATHLETICS DAY. Have students participating in all sorts of athletics competitions, track and field events. This will also help with attracting students to the athletics sport’s team.
  1. UNCONVENTIONAL BEACH VOLLEYBALL TOURNAMENT. A way to increase popularity of the volleyball team in school and to also enhance recreation in the school.
  1. RECREATIONAL GAMES DAY. Liaise with other ministries in the SRC to have a games day and night-party games, traditional games and games from different cultures.
  1. 5-aside league. To have an on-going 5 aside league games played every weekend with prizes to be won.
  1. BIUST SPORTS AND AWARD DAY. A 2nd edition of the BIUST sports day now commemorated with awards night for participants and active members of committees of sports and clubs for outstanding performances and commitment.
  1. INTER-RESIDENTIAL COMPETITIONS. Sports competitions targeted to improve participation in sport and rapport between residences in school.
Student Representative Council