To create an environment where there is a beneficial, effective and indispensable interaction and relation between the BIUST community and Palapye community.


To initiate unity where stakeholders can work together to inspire and impact change to the people of Palapye. 


  • Promote Goodwill
  • To serve as a catalyst for transformation and development of the SRC. I want to enhance the SRC’s goodwill with the students. This means a generally positive rapport with the student body and management extending all the way to the Palapye community. The strong connection will aid in building long-term loyal relationships with them and whichever organisations we reach out to in the community.

  • Change Attitudes
  • Publicity and communications has a purpose of improving or reshaping students’ attitude about the SRC. It promotes a message of involvement so that the audience understands that SRC is at their disposal to accessing opportunities and platforms for expression.

  • Inform
  • To create functional, accountable and united structures of communication. The ministry will make recognisable efforts to provide free and useful information that can generate positive sentiments. Informing also includes leaving room for feedback, criticism and advice from the student body.

  • Be Resourceful
  • To advocate for more resources and capacity towards publicity and communications. We need to expand our media and communication channels to get information across on a wider range. The use of digital advertising is one of the innovative ideas that could help.

  • Raise Awareness
  • To improve student awareness and engagement in different activities in school, both academic and non-academic. This coincides with advertising campaigns. Raising awareness is an important step in establishing strong recognition. Newsletter articles and participation in events helps boost the recognition of the SRC and its student body.


A webpage is a living, breathing entity on the internet. The content on it plays a part in its interaction with visitors and the powerful search engine. It’s important that students, both local and international, have a reason to keep visiting the site.

So I’m working  towards having the BIUST SRC link on www.biust.ac.bw have more content that is student centred. The content must give a clear insight on student activities and achievements as well as events by the students for the students. It must be up to date with the day to day life of BIUST student to show international visitors that we are a university that takes student life very seriously.

Following on the footsteps of the previous minister, Ms Bonolo Molefhe, a collaborative project between the ministry and a club called Code Jammers society in setting up screens around campus for publication of informative updates for the students. Not only will it update students but it will also be available for students to use in advertising their own activities and events. We are a science and technology institution, therefore we need to be innovative about everything we engage in.

I want to make to publish the first ever manifesto booklet for the students as well as the BIUST SRC Strategic Plan. These are documents that contain first-hand information on the plans the SRC has for the students. It will serve as a guideline as well for the council members. The strategic plan outlines plans and how they r to be executed. Objectives are well explained and making them a reality will be easier. This will be a medium for reviewing progress and also help in identifying any short comings that may be incurred. These reports provide the evidence for key challenges and critical assessments of development strategies and programs. They both guide policies and the intervention activities.

Image is everything in organizations and it plays a major role in recognition and reputation. BIUST SRC needs to uphold a certain image in order to be respected and taken seriously. I want push for SRC uniform, in the form of a blazer and a shirt. These will be for official gathering s and important meetings. These include senate meetings as well as bench marking activities that the SRC will embark on. Our image will demand respect from the stakeholders we associate with. Branding also includes the logo. A logo is a visual cornerstone of a brand. Our identity will be visually expressed through our logo to make it memorable.

The key to success on the Internet is creating high-quality content that people want to view and share with their network. At the moment, SRC is only active on Facebook as group. I want to expand to a page instead that will be a platform for updates and comments by the students for the students. I want to push for a YouTube channel so that we are visually active. This is for student expression and marketing. It will help nurture our talents and make the world aware of them as well. Twitter and instagram will be considered as well.

The university is so student centred that it has a well-structured department of student affairs that provides guidance and counselling specifically for students. I want to set up interactions between them and the students about issues that affect our live both socially and academically. They are trained professionals that know how to approach our grievances with utmost delicacy. As a science and technology school, student need to be exposed to the reality of the different courses they are studying. Inviting professionals in the various fields to give insight on that will be very beneficial on students. They will get first- hand information on what their future holds if they perform well and graduate.