To create an environment where there is a beneficial, effective and indispensable interaction and relation between the BIUST community and Palapye community.


To initiate unity where stakeholders can work together to inspire and impact change to the people of Palapye. 


  • Promote Goodwill
  • To serve as a catalyst for transformation and development of the SRC. I want to enhance the SRC’s goodwill with the students. This means a generally positive rapport with the student body and management extending all the way to the Palapye community. The strong connection will aid in building long-term loyal relationships with them and whichever organisations we reach out to in the community.

  • Change Attitudes
  • Publicity and communications has a purpose of improving or reshaping students’ attitude about the SRC. It promotes a message of involvement so that the audience understands that SRC is at their disposal to accessing opportunities and platforms for expression.

  • Inform
  • To create functional, accountable and united structures of communication. The ministry will make recognisable efforts to provide free and useful information that can generate positive sentiments. Informing also includes leaving room for feedback, criticism and advice from the student body.

  • Be Resourceful
  • To advocate for more resources and capacity towards publicity and communications. We need to expand our media and communication channels to get information across on a wider range. The use of digital advertising is one of the innovative ideas that could help.

  • Raise Awareness
  • To improve student awareness and engagement in different activities in school, both academic and non-academic. This coincides with advertising campaigns. Raising awareness is an important step in establishing strong recognition. Newsletter articles and participation in events helps boost the recognition of the SRC and its student body.


Student Representative Council