To create a healthy learning environment through the use of recreational activities and events.


To improve intercultural relationships within the university.


I would like to welcome everyone back by organizing a get-together session where students will be able to unwind, relax, catch-up and prepare for yet again another student learning experience. This event will be termed the ‘Semester Activation’ Party. Braai will be available for sale by the SRC. Alcohol consumption will be permitted for the night and will be strictly regulated. This event will take place at the beginning of every semester.
It is very important for people within the BIUST community to understand each other’s culture. These beliefs and values have to be respected by everyone and therefore, an event aimed at educating people on different cultures will take place on the 17th of June 2017. This will be to celebrate the International Culture day which will have taken place on the 21st of May 2017. However, due to time constraints, celebrations will only be able to take place at a later date. During this day, students will be encouraged to wear their cultural attire to uphold their nationality. There will be a variety of performances taking place within the university multi-purpose hall. Local schools within Palapye will be invited to give various performances such as drama, marimba, traditional dance etc. This event will be open to both the university staff members, students and public at large and will strictly be a fundraising event for the university Student Representative Council. Attendees will be charged a fee of P30 to enter the hall and watch these performances. A wide variety of Traditional food stuffs will be on display for sale. Strictly no alcohol will be permitted on campus.
Knowledge is power, the prime vision of BIUST quiz night is to bring students to self-actualize, as the undergraduate community through the systematic acquisition and active application of knowledge from credible sources. It is an activity to enforce investigative curiosity and validate student efforts in these regards through acknowledgment and incentive. This event aims to Expose students to critical thinking, and a real-time application of their knowledge in an exciting environment, were both their peers, mentors and colleagues can interactively learn, challenging students to seek and internalize credible knowledge. The event venue will be the auditorium and will take place for a maximum period of 2 days. Attendees will be given merchandise sponsored by the school library.
The ‘Semester Shut Down’ is a tradition that was implemented by BIUST students 2 years ago, organizing a farewell party for students by students. The Ministry would like to take that event into its own hands and let the students celebrate their hard work in style. During this event, consumption of alcohol will be permitted and strictly regulated. This event will take place at the end of every semester.
An event to celebrate the entertainment and cultural identity of the town and students formerly known as the Freshers Ball. This event will take place on Saturday 3 March 2017. An organizing committee will be formed by the Ministry in October to commence the preparations for the event. Additional details will be communicated in due time.
Student Representative Council