To provide students with the best chance to learn, develop and strive to achieve the finest educational experience possible the university can offer.


To work in partnership with both the student body and the university staff to create a more comfortable learning environment– one challenged and invigorated by a deeper understanding and appreciation of events, ideas and importance of learning.


  • To improve students’ academic performance
  • Improve communication between the student body and the university academic related staff
  • Introduce recognition of students excelling in their academics
  • Assist students in acquainting themselves with the university’s academic polices
  • Create a more friendly and comfortable learning environment through small academic events and academic counselling as well as support groups.
  • Benchmark the University through seminars and joint lectures with other universities
  • To make sure all module material is delivered according to schedule and well covered as planned


A weekly exercise is going to be carried out by the individual class representatives with the consultation of the respective class members to assess the performance of lecturers, lab assistants and the teaching assistants.


This is going to be a student driven and managed initiative that will provide assistance in school work outside class as well as remedial lessons to students lagging behind and those who cannot cope up with their classes. It will consist of the twenty Resident Assistants selected by campus housing as well as 30 more who have excelled in their academics from the level 200 to 400 groups. These students will be labelled ambassadors of their respective modules they will be tutoring. The program will be structured in such a way that two 2 hour catch up classes of each of the modules will be conducted and each ambassador should put in at least 7 extra hours of personal assistance to individual students or smaller groups per week. Proper records concerning time put in by each ambassador will be well documented so as to keep track on them. Since the student mentorship program is going to play a great part in improving student performance academic wise, MAA will push for the ambassador to get special benefits from the university.


As a collective project with the whole SRC, MAA will also like to engage in a big project of establishing a small learning facility at Dikabeya It is basically going to be learning center facility for children between the ages of 3 and 9 comprising of a computer, painting/writing and small library section housed in a potter cabin. We will also make an effort to put up swings for the children round the place which are going to be designed and made by the BIUST students themselves. We will be having volunteering students from BIUST going there twice a week.
Student Representative Council