BIUST Engineering Students Association (BESA)

BIUST engineering students Association (BESA) is a registered engineering Society under the ministry of sports and recreation in the BIUST student representative council. It is also recognised as a student chapter of Botswana Institute of Engineers (BIE), and is therefore a link between BIUST engineering students and the BIE.

Mission of BESA

To act as a bridge between BIUSTengineering students and the industry through promoting innovative and creative thinking amongst our fellow Engineering students and aspiring engineering students all over Botswana.To provide a platform for BIUSTengineering students to show case their innovations and designs through hosting design competitions and engineering expositions. BESA also aims to impart basic engineering education to senior and junior secondary schools around Botswana as a way of promoting Engineering at grassroots level. This comes after an observation that there is a huge gap between tertiary schools and lower levels of education such as secondary schools; as a result many students at these lower levels of education are less informed about engineering. BESA is in a mission to play a significant role towards Botswana’s dream of establishing a knowledge based economy. We believe that competitive engineers play significant role towards a knowledge based economy and no country can achieve can have a functional knowledge economy without training Engineers who are able to design products, innovate and establish industries to create employment.

Vision BESA

Our vision is to establish a culture of innovation and engineering mentality in our University (BIUST), in an effort to see BIUST engineering students participate in international and regional  events, competitions and Engineering expositions, and also to be a student chapter to International Engineering Societies such as IEEE.
Student Representative Council