BIUST Association of Mining Engineering Students (BAMES)

BIUST Association of Mining Engineering Students (BAMES) is a student association aimed at promoting professional growth of mining engineering students. It was established under the Botswana International University of Science and Technology Student Representative Council (BIUST SRC), with the motivation to expose members at all academic levels (100, 200…,500) to the environment of mining industry and associated fields. Also, to sensitize about the priorities of the latter industry, which include but not limited to; sustainability, safety, environmental awareness, and social responsibility. The main idea is to bring all mining engineering students together, divide them into inter-level groups (each group consisting of students from different levels), to finish tasks designed in programs.

Be the best mining engineering graduate.

To build a team of aspiring mining engineers with vision through personal development, career building, academic motivation, safety awareness and community outreach..

Promoting professional growth among mining engineering student in BIUST.

  1. Establish multilevel groups that acts as the basis for team building
  2. Develop programs aimed at personal, academic and career development of members
  3. Incorporate safety awareness in every program and aspect of the club
  4. Build a tradition of strategy, involvement, and socializing
  5. Develop a platform for community outreach and social responsibility

Focus Areas



Events designed to raise funds for all kinds of association’s costs.


Liaison Opportunities 

This includes activities and events designed to establish and maintain partnership with external stakeholders.


Membership Development

  • Career Building- Activities designed to prepare students for the professional field includes but not limited to building a CV, setting career goals and industrial attachment.
  • Academic Motivation- programs designed to inspire academic excellence and learning in class.
  • Life skills-Program designed to assist members in overcoming life challenges that directly affect their professional growth. ie relationships, alcohol and drug abuse, family issues etc.

Community Outreach

it involves activities and events designed to fulfill the social responsibility of the organisation at both individual and group level.

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