The regulation on refund forms a key instrument in support of the implementation of the Fees Schedule and should be read in line with the Fees schedule. The regulation applies to all students, undergraduate and postgraduate who are officially registered. Once a registration is complete, a student’s financial registration status shall remain in force throughout the duration of the semester.

1. Withdrawal Dates

1.1 Tuition fees shall be refunded on proportional basis in line with the University approved withdrawal dates.

1.2 Withdrawal date shall mean the date on which the Registry Services approves the withdrawal.

1.3 The following dates shall regulate the proportion of the tuition fees students receive on a refund when a withdrawal has been officially effected:

1.3.1 During the first week of class 100%
1.3.2 Up to the sixth week of class 50%
1.3.3 Up to the tenth week of classes 20%
1.3.4 Beyond the tenth week 0%

2. Non-Refundable Fees

The following shall form the fees payable to the University which shall be non-refundable:

2.1 Application fee
2.2 Protective clothing fees, if issued
2.3 Books provided they have been collected and the withdrawal takes place beyond the end of the first week of classes.
2.4 Accommodation fees provided the withdrawal takes place beyond the end of the first week of classes.
2.5 Transcript Fee
2.6 Identification Card Replacement fee
2.7 Remarking Fee
2.8 Supplementary Examination

3. Third Party Sponsorship Refund

3.1 Third party sponsorship refund shall apply in the case of a student sponsored by a third party which may be a private company, a local or international scholarship, Department of Tertiary Education Financing or any other Government Departments or any other entity where the fees are payable directly from that entity on behalf of the student.

3.2 The following shall regulate the refund:

3.2.1 The refund shall be effected directly to the third party in a manner and schedule agreed between the sponsor and the University.

3.2.2 Students shall not be permitted to redirect the fees to their personal accounts.

3.2.3 Where a student was registered as a self-sponsor at the time of the registration, and later obtains third party sponsorship during the course of the semester, refund shall only apply provided that the notification of third-party sponsorship is submitted to the Finance Office before the end of the first week of classes.

3.2.4 Beyond the first week of classes, the student’s registration status as a self-sponsored student shall remain in force throughout the semester.
3.2.5 Where the third-party sponsorship covers the student’s fees in retrospect, refund shall only apply when such notification of change of sponsorship is lodged with the Finance Office not later than the first week of classes. The student shall seek recourse for refund from the third party.


4.1 Registrations cancelled as a result of event cancelations are eligible for 100% refund.

4.2 Registrations cancelled more than 60 days before the event are eligible for 80% refund.

4.3 Registrations cancelled less than 60 days but more than 30 days before the event are eligible for 50% refund.

4.4 Registrations cancelled less than 30 days before the event are not eligible for refund.
• Tender fees are non-refundable unless stated otherwise on the tender document.