Our Team

Office of Research, Development & Innovation Team

Office of Research, Development and Innovation is led by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Distinguished Professor Dennis Siginer, we develop a strong and focussed research culture that enables the university not just to excel in higher education and training but also in research, development and innovation in the science, engineering and technology fields. The emphasis on research and technology development aims to assist Botswana to transform from a natural resource based to a more knowledge based economy.

Prof. Joseph Chuma

Deputy Vice Chancellor (Ag.) – Research Development and Innovation

Tel: +267 4931226

Email: chumaj@biust.ac.bw

Ms. Masego Baliki

Executive Secretary

Tel: +267 4931226

Email: balikim@biust.ac.bw

Prof. Ochieng Aoyi

Director – Research and Development

Tel: +267 4931227

Email: aoyio@biust.ac.bw

Ms. Lediranye C. Motshidisi


Tel: +267 4931222

Email: motshidisil@biust.ac.bw

Dr. Mmoloki Mangwala

Director (Ag.) – BIUST Research Innovation Technology Incubation Park (BRITIP)

Tel: +267 4931666

Email: mangwalam@biust.ac.bw

Mr. Tabona Kuli

Manager – Research and Data Management

Tel: +267 4931232

Email: kulit@biust.ac.bw

Dr. Keaboka M Sethebe

Manager – Innovation and Technology Transfer

Tel: +267 4931229

Email: sethebekm@biust.ac.bw

Ms. Neo Joel

Grant Administrator

Tel:+267 4931990

Email: joeln@biust.ac.bw

Mr. Gofaone Masisi

Research Assistant

Tel: +267 4931044

Email: gofaone.masisi@studentmail.biust.ac.bw

Mr. Wiseman Ruwona

Research Assistant

Tel: +267 4931044

Email: wiseman.ruwona@studentmail.biust.ac.bw