The Department of Business, Management and Entrepreneurship(BME)

There is a high youth unemployment rate in Botswana, especially young university graduates. Employment in the public sector has reached its threshold hence  lacks employment opportunities for young university graduates. On the other hand, the private sector is not well developed to absorb new university graduates who cannot find employment in the public sector. Therefore, there is the need for graduates to be self-employed; hence the need for a programme in Business, Management and Entrepreneurship skills for STEM students.The Department of Business Management and Entrepreneurship offers courses in Management, and Entrepreneurship to all students in the two faculties.

These courses help to build entrepreneurial and management skills is all BIUST students, who are expected to become future managers of public or private enterprises in the country. They are also expected to start and grow their  own businesses. The department also helps current students transform innovative ideas into the realities of a sustainable STEM businesses.

 The courses include, but not limited to, Introduction to Entrepreneurship, Introduction to Accounting and Financial Management, Principles and Concepts of Business and Entrepreneurship, Starting and Sustaining a Business, Developing a Strategic Business Plan, Entrepreneurship in a Specific Context, Innovation Commercialisation and Intellectual Property, Risk Management and any other courses which can be developed in response to national policy and university requirements.

Management, Entrepreneurship and General Education