Welcome to the Department of Biological Sciences and Biotechnology within the Faculty of Sciences at BIUST. Our goal is to advance knowledge in understanding life and its different forms, and apply the acquired knowledge in developing bio-based processes and products. Accordingly, our Biological Science courses equip students with knowledge and skills in studying life and its different forms.

The Biotechnology courses build on these skills and knowledge acquired in Biological Sciences to provide students with practical skills and knowledge in manipulating and exploiting biological systems in order to develop products of economic value, processes and solve challenges in the environment, agriculture, health, manufacturing industries etc. while putting strong emphasis on sustainable utilization, management and restoration of biobased resources. We have degrees at Honours, Masters and Doctoral level attracting diverse students across the African continent and beyond. 

Thank you for your interest in the Department of Biological Sciences and Biotechnology! It is indeed my pleasure to take you through the Department’s programmes and activities. If you are a potential student, we hope you find the information here helpful in reaching a decision on your future studies with us and if you are an interested visitor, we would appreciate hearing from you.

Biology (the study of living organisms) is a dynamic and fast evolving discipline undergoing rapid development  never witnessed before, driven by advances in molecular biology, biotechnology, bioinformatics and other related disciplines. Our courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate in Biological Sciences (Microbiology, Zoology, Botany, Cell Biology and Developmental Biology, Biochemistry)  and Biotechnology  (Molecular Biology, Genetic Engineering, Bioprocess Engineering, Genomics and  Bioinformatics,  Cell and Tissue culture Technology, Environmental Biotechnology, Industrial Biotechnology, Insect Biotechnology, Applied Immunology) will provide students with knowledge and skills to advance knowledge in the field  as well as solve socioeconomic problems.

We are privileged to have faculty with diverse scientific interests which provides a wealth of options from which students can select a topic area for their research. Our faculty conduct research in a wide array of life sciences sub-disciplines, tackling problems in areas ranging from molecular biology, applied entomology, tackling antibiotic resistance, applied metagenomics in searching for novel biomolecules and, developing enzyme based processes for the synthesis of bioactive molecules, multi-bioresponsive biomedical materials, functional materials to biosensor. 

If you are a prospective student, I urge you to go through our courses and research activities, come visit us when you can and see the exciting things happening here, feel free to e-mail any faculty member, administrative or technical staff- anyone will be glad to answer your questions or put you in contact with someone who can assist you.

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