BEng Materials & Metallurgical Engineering



This program combines the knowledge from biology, chemistry, Mathematics, physics and engineering to develop, design and maintain products and process. Chemical engineers deals principally with production of chemicals from various raw materials and compounds and are also responsible for the extraction and processing minerals They design, build, operate and manage plants for physical; thermal or chemical processing of materials to obtain consumable goods and products such as food and beverages, plastics, soaps and detergents, fertilizers, cement, pharmaceuticals and refined petroleum products. Metallurgical Engineering, a major player in insuring sustainability of minerals processing, prepares engineers to develop, design and operate processes and plants that transform raw materials into useful mineral and metal product.

UG1001ALSS 101Technical Writing & Academic Literacy Skills ICoreFoundation to basic English language concepts and writing.
UG1001CETG 111Engineering GraphicsCoreIntroduction to engineering graphics.
UG1001CHEM 101General Chemistry ICoreIntroduction to chemistry.
UG1001COMP 101Introduction to ComputingCoreIntroduction to Computing.
UG1001MATH 101Pre-CalculusCoreMathematical foundation course.
UG1001PHYS 101Introductory Physics ICoreIntroduction to Physics.
UG1002CETG 121Workshop PractiseCoreWorkshop practise.
UG1002CETG 122Introduction to EngineeringCoreIntroduction to engineering
UG1002CHEM 102General Chemistry IICoreChemistry foundation course.
UG1002MATH 102Introductory CalculusCoreIntroduction to Calculus.
UG1002PHYS 102Introductory Physics IICorePhysics foundation course.
UG1002STAT 102General Statistics ICoreIntroduction to statistics.
UG2001ALSS 201Technical Report WritingCoreBasic skills of writing in standard report formats.
UG2001CHEE 210Process Engineering ICoreIntroduction to process engineering.
UG2001COMP 211Procedural ProgrammingCoreBasics of procedural programming.
UG2001EMTH 201Engineering Mathematics ICoreIntroduction to engineering mathematics.
UG2001MECE 211Engineering Mechanics I (Statics)CoreGeneral principles of statics.
UG2001MMEE 210Materials ScienceCoreIntroduction to material science.
UG2002CHEE 220Unit Operations ICoreIntroduction to unit operations.
UG2002CHEM 206Introductory Physical ChemistryCoreIntroductory physical chemistry.
UG2002EEEN 211Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering ICoreBasic electrical laws and DC circuits.
UG2002EMTH 202Engineering Mathematics IICoreAdvanced engineering mathematics.
UG2002INME 221Design MethodsCoreSteps needed to ideate, execute and test a product.
UG2002MECE 221Strength of MaterialsCoreOverview of mechanical and aerospace disciplines.
UG3001ALSS 301Technical Communication & Basic Research MethodsCoreFundamentals of qualitative and quantitative research.
UG3001CHEE 311Process Control ICoreFundamentals of process control.
UG3001CHEE 312Process Engineering IICoreAdvanced process engineering.
UG3001EMTH 301Engineering Mathematics IIICoreEngineering mathematics for advanced students.
UG3001MMEE 310Physical MetallurgyCoreFundamentals of physical metallurgy.
UG3001MMEE 313Ferrous PyrometallurgyCoreProduction of iron and steel.
UG3002CHEE 322Chemical Engineering ThermodynamicsCorePrinciples of chemical engineering thermodynamics.
UG3002EMTH 302Engineering Mathematics IVCoreApplication of mathematical models to engineering principles.
UG3002GEME 321Engineering Project ManagementCorePrinciples and practices of project management by engineers.
UG3002MMEE 321Foundry TechnologyCoreFundamentals of foundry technology
UG3002MMEE 323Polymer TechnologyCoreChemical synthesis and properties of polymers.
UG3002MMEE 324Mineral ProcessingCoreIntroduction to the processing of minerals.
UG4001GEME 411Economics, Business & EntrepreneurshipCoreThe economics of business.
UG4001MMEE 410Heat Treatment ProcessesCorePrinciples of heat treatment processes.
UG4001MMEE 411Tribology & CorrosionCoreMethods of tribology and corrosion.
UG4001MMEE 412Manufacturing Processes & TechnologiesCoreFundamental technologies used in manufacturing and processes.
UG4001MMEE 413Hydrometallurgy & ElectrotechnologyCoreProcessing of non-ferrous metals.
UG4001MMEE 414Leather TechnologyCoreMethods of processing leather.
UG4002CETG 420Industrial AttachmentCoreInternship in industry / government enterprises, during the winter semester and the entire semester 2.
UG5001CETG 510Project ICore (project)A final year (design) project in engineering.
UG5001CHEE 514Process Modelling & SimulationCorePrinciples of process modelling and simulation.
UG5001MMEE 512Mechanical MetallurgyElectiveFundamentals of mechanical metallurgy.
UG5001MMEE 513Ceramics & Glass TechnologyCoreConcepts of ceramics and glass technology.
UG5001MMEE 515Introduction to NanotechnologyElectiveIntroduction to nanotechnology methods.
UG5001MMEE 516Coal TechnologyElectiveCoal processing methods.
UG5002CETG 520Project IICore (project)A final year (research) project in engineering.
UG5002MMEE 520Materials Selection & EconomicsCoreMaterials, selection and economics concepts.
UG5002MMEE 521Composite TechnologyCoreFundamentals of composite technology.
UG5002MMEE 522Powder TechnologyCoreIntroduction to powder technology.
UG5002MMEE 523WeldingElectiveFundamentals of welding.
UG5002MMEE 524Refractory TechnologyElectivePrinciples of refractory technology.

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  • Duration 5 Years
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