Dr. Lebele Flies The BIUST Flag at the International Federation of Library Association

The University congratulates Dr. Ayanda Lebele, the Director of Library Services who has been recently elected as Vice-Chair of the Sub-Saharan Africa Division of the International Federation of Library Association (IFLA).

Dr. Lebele’s mandate includes strategic advocacy for libraries as key agents in the responsible production and consumption of information as a resource for the public good. She is to respond to Sub-Saharan library and information science priorities, develop action plans that strengthen capacity, and add value to the profession globally. As IFLA’s ambassador in Sub-Saharan Africa,Lebele has a role in strengthening the voices of librarians in the region and advocate for the convergence of related institutions that can enable the region to turn the existing knowledge and digital divide into dividends.

Lebele, who is a strong believer in strategic harvesting from the social capital that is embedded in professional networks, says she is banking on the support of the various professional bodies that she affiliates to. She hopes to draw strength from her membership to Botswana Library Association (BLA), the Botswana Library Consortium (BLC), Library and Information Association of South Africa (LIASA), and the African Library & Information Institution (AfLIA). She ends her service as a committee member of the IFLA-Africa section, where she served for six consecutive years. She is also a member of the IFLA Reference and Information Section and looks forward to working closely with especially the Academic and Research Libraries Section.