BIUST Intellect;Mr. Joseph Morake is accorded an Education for Laser based Manufacturing (ELbM)scholarship.

Mr.Joseph Morake

By:Tshegofatso Teseletso

Mr Morake is an Industrial and Manufacturing engineer who graduated from the Botswana International University of Science and Technology (BIUST) in 2019. He is ardent about promoting quality, excellence and growth through commitment to continuous learning and professional development.

He was recently awarded an ELBM Scholarship funded by the Intra Africa Scheme of the Culture Executive Agency of the European Commission to study Mechanical Engineering at Nairobi, Kenya. Mr Morake is enthusiastic to pursue research in engineering because he would like to develop a strong footing in manufacturing engineering to be innovative and solve industrial challenges with his expertise. He believes that the manufacturing sector is a major driver of growth in the development of human, social, economic and environmental areas of sustainability.

According to Mr.Morake  lack of advanced knowledge and expertise in this respective field has caused a major drawback in Botswana and Africa at large. The raw materials are in abundance but the skills to transform them to finished or semi-finished products are very scarce. As a result, he is determined to use the knowledge and skills acquired from this program to setup large manufacturing facility aimed at fabricating components upon his return to Botswana.nHis research program is about developing functionally graded materials to manufacture optimized industrial components. “It will foster the much needed foreign exchange, create employment, innovation, expand the trade and commerce sector and eradicate poverty as more manufacturing industries are erected”he said.

He learnt about the Education for Laser Based Manufacturing (ELBM) scholarship through the BIUST Research flash. He notes that this scholarship is beneficial to the economic advancement of African nations as it offers training opportunities for both staff and postgraduates to develop laser manufacturing programmes, curricula and advanced manufacturing projects. He expresses his profound gratitude to BIUST management for providing in-time information with such opportunities and support to make this study a possibility.

He ends with a legendary quote by Elenor Roosevelt “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”