Botswana International University of Science & Technology
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The University

The Botswana International University of Science and Technology lies amongst theTswapong Hills, south-east of Palapye in the Central District of the country.The campus is in the later stages of construction, with academic and administration facilities, recreational space, services, student accommodation and staff housing purpose-built to deliver a superior learning experience.The architecture of the campus has been integrated into the unspoiled terrain by utilizing themed landscaping, and is supplemented by parking, roads, sports facilities, recreational space, IT networks and security.

BIUST is committed to widening national, regional and international opportunities for higher education in science, engineering and technology, as well as providing opportunities in applied research.The academic members of staff are leaders in their fields – students will be learning from the experts.As a diverse University, BIUST’s standing as an international centre of higher learning and innovation is developing through its network of partner universities across the world.Academics renown for excellence in their core disciplines, for the breadth of their experience and for wider skills such as creativity, critical thinking, communication, innovation and leadership, will be responsible for creating new knowledge and for the transfer of knowledge in a diverse community of scholars, teachers and researchers.

Educational experience
BIUST’s comprehensive educational experience is characterised by a widening choice of programmes, while its innovative curriculum encourages students to deepen their knowledge and to explore new areas of knowledge. Students will interact with students and academics from many countries around the world.

The first year
During the first year BIUST places a strong emphasis on ensuring students receive extensive and wide-ranging support, advice and mentoring, which means that students get the most of their time on both a personal and academic level.

Discover BIUST
Contemplating whichprogrammes to study can be daunting. Academic staff and BIUST’s Student Affairs are available to help prospective students on this journey of discovery by providing opportunities that ensure prospective students feel welcome and well informed as they make their decisions.By standardising the first year curriculum across Science, Engineering and Technology, students will receive a well- structured foundation to their studies. Both the College of Science and the College of Engineering and Technology are well equipped and qualified to assist prospective students make informed decisions about proposed courses of study. College members of staff are available throughout the year to ensure that impartial, personal, educational and vocational advice is given.

Register on the dumela BIUST Portal
Dumela BIUST is the online window to the University. Prospective students can register and create a user account any time they want, which makes it easy to request information and will ensure that they receive regular updates on upcoming BIUST events and news. Go to more information.

Campus life
Life at university is not only about lectures and study. There is so much more to being a student at BIUST. Students will find the sports, societies and social life vital and exciting ingredients of their wider university experience.

New student orientation
Orientation takes place in the week before lectures commence and is a special week for new students to get acquainted with the University, the staff, facilities and life at BIUST in general. Orientation activities include:
• Meeting classmates and getting settled into university life
• Collecting student cards, completing registration and collecting welcome packs, study guides, reading lists etc
• Introduction to student services, what they offer, and meeting the support staff at BIUST and what they offer;
• Attending the Vice Chancellors’ Welcome            Ceremony to officially mark the start of the BIUST student experience and the pathway to a rewarding career.

Student clubs and societies
Student clubs and societies are a great way to explore interests or develop new ones.  New students will find that membership and involvement in student societies is an extremely enjoyable part of university life. Sports clubs and a variety of organised health and leisure activities, offer choices for students and provide opportunities to train, play, and compete in sports activities.

Living on campus
Limited student accommodation will be available on campus. Applications will be processed on a first-come-first-served basis. Applicants will have limited time to accept and finalise a residential place booking. Contact the Student Affairs office for further assistance and information.

Students with disabilities/learning difficulties
BIUST is fully committed to ensuring that learning opportunities are available to everyone.

Student health service
An advisory service is available to help students address health concerns. A directory containing contact details and other useful information about local medical services is available at the Student Affairs office.

Religious worship
Students from many different religions study at BIUST. A faith directory containing contact details and other useful information is available at the Student Affairs office.

Botswana International University of Science & Technology
Botswana International University of Science & Technology